Discover the essential tips for starting your own pocket farm, from growing crops to raising fish – no large land needed!


Pocket Farm is a system that lets you grow your own food in small spaces using aquaponics, which combines fish and plants.
    The system saves over 90% of water compared to regular gardening and requires only five minutes a day for maintenance.
  For $39, the Pocket Farm program provides guides, videos, and bonuses to help you start farming quickly and efficiently with less space.

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why was created the pocket farm program

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A pocket farm lets you grow your own food, even in a small space. It combines fish and plants in one system — this is called aquaponics. You feed the fish, and the fish provide nutrients for the plants.

The aquaponics system blueprint of pocket farming sustains nutrient-rich yields year-round within confined spaces, tearing down barriers between rural and urban areas by enabling self-sufficient fresh food production for city dwellers grappling with land constraints.

You’ll learn how to pick out fish and plants that work well together. Also, you’ll discover how to keep everything running smoothly with only five minutes of care each day. With Pocket Farm, fresh produce and fish are ready fast — often in just two weeks! Now let’s explore how pocket farming can benefit you and your family.

The Potential and Benefits of Pocket Farming

The innovative concept of pocket farming with survival aquaponics is sprouting in sustainable agriculture, transfiguring food production methods. This compact, symbiotic system allows urban dwellers grappling with spatial constraints to cultivate their own nourishment by leveraging fish waste to organically fertilize plants that in turn purify the water food source. Well-constructed pocket farms promise an unexpectedly low-maintenance yet versatile method to secure personal food supply amidst agricultural norm reshaping.

Quick and efficient food production

Pocket farms let you grow food fast and without a lot of space. You can set up an aquaponics system on a rooftop or balcony. It’s great for making lots of food in small places. The system combines plants and fish to get more done with less work.

Pocket farms are super for people who want fresh veggies and fish quickly.

You don’t need much water for pocket farming, either. This way saves over 90% compared to regular gardens! You also don’t have to spend hours working hard in the dirt. With pocket farming, you can have everything running smoothly in under three hours.

Now let’s look at how little water these smart systems use.

Low maintenance and water-saving

Pocket Farm’s aquaponics system is a true time-saver. You won’t spend hours watering plants; the innovative setup does it for you. This means more free time to enjoy your garden without the hassle of daily maintenance.

Plus, this clever system consumes less water than traditional gardening methods, making it great for areas where water might be scarce.

The Pocket Farm approach saves water brilliantly by using just 10% of what conventional gardens need. It’s perfect for people who care about conserving resources and want to do their part in saving the environment.

With Pocket Farm, growing food at home becomes not only easier but also more eco-friendly.

Space efficiency

Alex Deacon concept revolutionizes conventional farming with its space-efficient aquaponics system design that enables urban dwellers to grow fresh produce within apartments, crumbling barriers typically associated with traditional farm expanses.

Cities are crowded, but that won’t stop you from farming! With Pocket Farm, even the smallest spaces can turn into abundant gardens. Aquaponics systems make it happen by stacking plants above fish tanks.

This smart setup gives you lots of fresh produce without wasting any precious urban space

Food Security

Food security means having enough food for your family. Pocket Farm helps with this by teaching you to grow food quickly and efficiently. You can save water and space while growing lots of fresh produce and fish right in your backyard.

Over 50,000 families have already cut their food costs by using Pocket Farm’s aquaponics system.

This system grows up to ten times more food per acre than traditional farming. That way, you won’t need a lot of land to feed your loved ones. Plus, it uses less water, which is great for places where water is scarce.

Now let’s see what the inside of a Pocket Farm looks like!

What Will You Find Inside Pocket Farm Program?

Inside the Pocket Farm Program, you’ll discover a quick start guide. This guide helps you set up your aquaponics system fast. It covers all the essentials: tanks, frames, media, and tools.

You get clear steps to follow and a list of 27 items you need for success.

The program includes bonus materials too! You’ll find guides on building your own water biofilter and tips for survival during financial hardships. Learn how to stockpile essential items before any crisis hits.

With the Pocket Farm Program, get ready to grow healthy food with less space and water in no time!

Pocket Farm Free Bonuses

Pocket Farm offers more than just farming tips. With your purchase, you also get valuable guides to enhance your experience.

High Output Food Generator Guide:


Learn how to grow food quickly with a guide on high output techniques.

Survival Aquaponics:


This bonus teaches you to build a water biofilter and use aquaponics for survival.

Economic Collapse Guide:


Understand what items you need during a crisis with the economic collapse guide.

Essential Items Guide:


Know exactly what essentials to hoard before trouble hits with this detailed checklist.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Food with Pocket Farm?

Growing food with Pocket Farm is quick. You can get results in just a few weeks.

– Start seeing fresh vegetables and fish from your pocket farm within two weeks.

– Plants grow faster because they have direct access to nutrients in the water.

– Your daily commitment after setup involves only five minutes for system checks and maintenance.

– This aquaponics system keeps working all year round, even when the weather is bad outside.

– You avoid waiting months, unlike with conventional gardening that depends on seasons.

– The Pocket Farm program makes it easy to harvest food earlier by providing step-by-step guidance.

FAQs About Pocket Farm System

Can I get tips on how to be better at Pocket Farm?

Does the game offer updates or new features?

What are some things players like about Pocket Farm?

Players love that they can manage their own pocket farm efficiently using the app’s user-friendly interface to grow food within limited space.

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